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Welcome to the official website of Mission With Vision Church of
God led by Pastors Manuel and Leticia Garcia, we are glad you can visit our website, where you will find information of our ministry, pastors, Leadership and history. If you're ever in the area do not hesitate to visit us, we are here to serve you.




11231 E. Chapman Avenue
Garden Grove, CA. 92840


Service Hours

Sunday 2:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm


Our Facilities

  • Child Care

  • Bilingual Service

  • Parking Available

  • Fellowship


The purpose of Mission With Vision Church is to be a source of restoration for families.
Mission and vision Church is a Christ-centered church filled with  the Holy Spirit

Our goal is to teach people to live by the precepts of God, His commandments and fulfill the purpose of our Lord Jesus Christ and these were the key words that God gave us to launch into this wonderful ministry, in which we have worked hard serving in the light of the word of God and his calling to each of us.

About US


Pastor Leticia V. Garcia

Our Pastor Leticia V. Garcia is the founder of

"Intercesoras Ministry", A conferences taking place annually for the health of women spiritual lifes, leading women to search for GODs purpose and teaching them their value.

She is a woman of prayer, used by God strongly in
prayer, inner healing, deliverance and spiritual warfare. She is the co-founder of Mission With Vision Church. Considered a multicultural church.


Pastor Leticia Garcia currently studying at Alberto Evangelista School Motessi, in theological studies, she

is a student of the Bible and motivates believers to pray and the seek for the presence of God currently. She resides in Garden Grove, California with her husband

and her children (Nancy, Manuel and Samuel).

Pastor Manuel G. Garcia

Our Pastor Manuel G. Garcia is the senior pastor and founder of Mission WIth Vision Church of God, considered a multicultural church

At the age of 24 he received Christ into his heart.

He has dedicated his ministry to the formation of leaders, and the building of a Pastoral Team to became columns and support of the word and the truth, and helping in the formation of new Disciples and growing the Kingdom of God in a broken world, encouraging men to the search for God through prayer and the bible.

Pastor Garcia has a degree in Biblical Theology and Pastoral Theology in BRIGADES HOPE UNIVERSITY. Pastor Garcia currently lives in Garden Grove Ca with his wife and partner in ministry, Pastor Leticia Garcia and Sons.

Our Pastors



All our pastoral team is equipped to assist and be a blessing to your life. The focus of our ministry is to be a helping hand to those seeking spiritual guidance and counseling for their lifes and love ones. We are here to serve you.




We are a church for the whole family, our focus is the integral growth of each person in the household. Our
vision is to unite, heal, deliver, bless and restore the hearts of every life. The desire of God is that we can live in

harmony, peace and love with our loved ones, but that requires a relastionship with GOD.


See what God has for you and your family!


Men's Ministry

The Mens Ministry focuses on transforming the heart to live victorious lives as men of God and becoming disciples of Christ. Our goal is to make of them leaders in their homes, jobs, church and community. We focus on being men of prayer and vessels that God can use. Our MCV men gather to pray every Saturday at 5am in the sanctuary of the church.

If you want to join or if you want more information abouth the Men's Ministry call: 714-402-6861 or ask for Jose Rueda.

The Womans Ministry is a family where you can be yourself without fear of being criticized; where you feel loved, and can come as you are, where you can believe in yourself. Our desire is to help you realize the full potential that God has placed upon you, and we function based via encouragement and opportunity for improvement and growth in the body of Christ. Our women are guereras of intercession and meet every Friday to pray at 7pm in the Blue Room.


Woman's Ministry

The MCV YOUTH knowS that "this is there time." We encourage the youth to become ambassadors of the kingdom of God and d to go beyond the four walls of our church to conquer what God wants us to deliver, Youth for Christ. We invite you to join this army of youth to fight the good fight and establish the kingdom of God here on earth. We declare that youth is restored, and art, music, dance, theater, sports, poetry is for Christ! Our young people gather every Friday at 6pm in the church amphitheater to have a good time of fun and learn more about God!


Youth Ministry


Our primary purpose in this ministry is to preach the Word of God to children according to their age and understanding through games, songs, dramas and activities with which they are being instructed. During the worship service on Sundays children performed "KIDS SERVICE", we also have special events for them throughout the year. Bring your son or daughter to church with you!

Kids Ministry

Other Ministries


Knowing Jesús!

You were created to know God in a personal way
and have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

How to begin a relationship with God?




Recognize that we have sinned and repent.
No matter how good we tried to live, we still fall short of being a good person. This is because we are all sinners. The Bible tells us: "Repent of your sins and turn to God so that your sins may be erased." The word repent means to change our direction in life. Instead of running from God, we can run to him.



Recognize that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you.
The Bible tells us that "God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were yet sinners." God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die in our place when we least deserved it.



Receive Jesus Christ in your life.

Being a Christian is not merely believing in God or going to church. Jesus said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in ...." This is a decision you have to make to open your heart. Jesus longs to have a relationship with you, just make this prayer so he may enter into your heart.

Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner. I believe You died

for my sins. Right now, I repent of my sins and open the door of my

heart and life. I confess that you are my Lord and Savior.

Thanks for saving me. Amen.





11231 E. Chapman Avenue
Garden Grove, CA.



Office: (714) 656-5844

Mobil: (714) 615-2443




We'd love to hear more from you and stay in contact with you. If you accept Jesus Christ for the first time we
would like to send you more information on how to grow in your Christian life, if you have a testimony or a prayer request feel free to let us know so we can put your request in prayer and if you want to get more information from

our church or ministries please give us your information to add you into our newsletter. Blessings!


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